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Lonely lampost by Paperheadman

Okay... *cough* first time writing critique. The concept of the art reminds me of the movie "spirited away"... The train tracks on wate...



Meditation Hall by Purpleground02
Meditation Hall
The model is done surprisingly fast since I used existing model. Just edited a little here and there.
Dare I say, the stage for the upcoming scene in Rapture Point is ready for action.
The candle in the background is something I tested out. They are ALL 2D pictures. =)

Li Wei is having fun...

All characters copyright me
Rapture Point 8 by Purpleground02
Rapture Point 8
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Author's Note:
1. Ok. First and for all. Big thanks for those who answered the little question I dropped previously about weather. Mostly, I got is cloudy, rain or snow. I will take that to note. I like snow really. (Cuz I've never experience one. But I prefer cold. Very cold). This will come later in the comic. :lol: Trying different environment.
spongebob rape face Cuz its mine. I draw what I like.  that face XD

2. Second..  I thought about certain stuff when creating the story. I would like to go for an easy villain hero plot. And of course a little bit of ego showing. In making Ael the White Skeleton a villain of the story, since her' believe is "The strong survive, the weak perish". Naturally, she would be focusing more on superior fighting. To make a point that Ael is a opposing foe to be recognized, not just some random bandit on the road. Her skills need to really show its devastation. I thought about having Po really beaten up to the ground instead of kicked off the distant. Or having Po kicked back and forth on his bouncy belly like a ping pong ball on a wall.. Humiliation, you know? But I can't make myself to do it. I feel like it would disrespect the original Kung Fu Panda cast and that properties of Dreamworks. So, this is all there is. And I like the outcome. But if its my character versus my character... oh- ho-ho-ho.. There will be blood. :diabolic:  Well.. Not until the point that its unsuitable for audience. I am more comfortable working with my own characters.

3. And hoooray for the COMEBACK of ... Speed Line. Or Speed Spike? Whatever it is. Experimented it once, fell in love with it. Abuse it obsessively. Everywhere

4. Ael's finishing move, "Floating Mine" is inspired by Sion Barzahd from The Bouncer (Squaresoft 2000). Really explosive kick. Send people flying. :lol: Love it. Abused it relentlessly in the game that it stuck in my head.... 

Thats all for today.

Thanks for lookie
Rapture Point 7 by Purpleground02
Rapture Point 7

Author's Note:
Ok... Lets talk about violence rating. I did noticed when Po beat up his foe, most of the time is using his VERY round belly, or butt to bounce people off. Signifying the critical finishing blow. Even wushi finger... well, what really happened after the pinky finger dropped is still a mystery to me. Did Tai Lung evaporated? Exploded? Which is very... uneasy to look at i guess. Maybe because of that it remains yet to be shown. In the Art of Kung Fu Panda, the maker mentioned of changing Tigress's original claw strike to kick and punches was to reduce the violence result, even Crane's Pecking technique (imagine he peck at his enemies eyeball with that beak) and Viper's signature fang strike was removed.. Overall, all that actually made the movie less voilence to illustrate. And fun to watch them fight. Which is good because it doesnt provoke the use of blood (except for the punch and kicks but those are blunt attack i guess). What i am trying to say is..... Everytime i wanted to illustrate a blow that hit its marks, that scene become very hard for me to illustrate. The image of a loose teeth, a bruise, twisted neck, dislocated joints, a broken rib or a cracked knuckle started flooding my head. While I dont want to see my characters ended up covered in blood or bruises (Li Wei is a hard ass and so i allowed that. Sorry Li Wei), same goes to being a huge fan of Kung Fu Panda (and respecting their characters), its hard for me to draw a fighting sequence. Because to show that someone had beaten someone. To show that one is more superior than the other, they really need to... BEAT them up first.

To support my claim, i actually removed Ael's foot claw. So when she kicks, she doesnt reap things apart. Except for the claw strike but I purposely made them missed. But what if i made everything look fake? No matter how bad they are cut and how big the sword is, no bruises or cut shown? That will be illogical. :S

Now, a question of survey just for fun, rain, snow cloudy, or sunny? :)
Rapture Point 6 by Purpleground02
Rapture Point 6

Oh yeaah, Page 6!!

Author's Note:
1. To be up against Po, the dragon warrior AND notably China's Strongest warrior in the Movie, I can't let Ael holding back. And since Ael is my strongest kung fu panda OC created, I've to let my ego runs here. Also, to really show how strong she is, she should not hold back at all. This page show most of her upper body attacks, which involves a combination of elbow, punches and claw slashes. And as strong as she is, she may not be able to receive much of a blow. Thus she preferred to dodge an attack completely rather than blocking it head on. This is so she could win even those who have a higher attack power than her, such as my other KFP OC, Li Wei.

2. While initially I planned to have her start the fight with a series of disorienting leg works followed by a kick, but in the end I decided to save the trump card for later. The floor cracks while she runs, there is a reason for it. =) And if you know what her fighting style is famous for, you know it.

3. Po's enthusiasm with attack name definitely fit this comic more. Or he is comical by default with those name calling. So, "fist of fury" was something I heard, and "Iron Belly" (i assume this is the belly attack that send Tai Lung slamming into houses) is his most powerful attack - Not in destruction, but in rerouting enemy's own momentum against them. 

Comments are welcome.
As the title said. Is there any freelance animator for hire? If there is, whats the price rate?


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