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Lonely lampost by Paperheadman

Okay... *cough* first time writing critique. The concept of the art reminds me of the movie "spirited away"... The train tracks on wate...



Fusion Ultra WIP by Purpleground02
Fusion Ultra WIP
This is a work in progress commision for :iconlaurelman: 

The character details itself is too massive to not compile the process of me trial and error searching for the right color combination for the final choice. 
Dragon Scout by Purpleground02
Dragon Scout
This is a commission done by :iconsilverbirch:

It's the first ever concept art created for my next new KFP OC, Lu Xia.
Lu Xia... Lulu? Xiaxia? Lu? Xia?
Hmmmmmm.... oh well, came up the name within 3 minutes. Not much thought into it.

I wanted to bring back Yun the Iron Dragon back into the comic, Rapture Point. But due to the setting, its difficult. So, other than bringing back Yun as a dragon species to the comic, I will bring out a new one. It's kinda sad though. I really looked forward to giving Yun more character interaction. 

Anyway, to highlight, she will be planned to make first appearance in the current comic. Rapture Point. She's a tracker/ hunter/archer combined. She's honorable scout. Well, that aside, there will be some changes to this one. May, or may not. Who knows? What you guys think about this design?
[COMMISSION] Scarlet And Apollyon by Purpleground02
[COMMISSION] Scarlet And Apollyon
Commission for :iconjaylonpender:

Challenging and fun to do. =) It's a good come back from rusty skills.

Commission is opened. Note me if interested.
Rapture Point Page 4 by Purpleground02
Rapture Point Page 4
PREV >> (

1. Unsurprisingly, Ael is VERY complicated to draw. And drawing Ael 6 more times is not helping.  

2. Ael is a person driven by the law "The strong survive, and the weak will perish." As in an extreme manner. She is very strong. More proves later.

3. The 3D model doesnt ends here, it continue further. Which the rest will be used in the next page.

4. Welp. Just when I am going to settle down, boss is sending me off to new place again. So.... damn. It will take a time to settle down before I am starting to draw again..    

See ya! Reviews are welcome
Rapture Point Page 3 by Purpleground02
Rapture Point Page 3

Author's Note:
1. Dumpling shop model which had been used in previous comic prototype "the dumpling shop" had been recolored and painted all over for this comic. :D I say. I am happy with it.

2. Compared to Ying's Room and The Dumpling shop. This current "street" model is MUCH larger. Which actually made my laptop to lag. I modeled it in my 16 GB ram desktop just fine. But... transfering to laptop was.... catastrophic, dare I say. The next page will show more of the model as well.

3. Fight scene coming up next! :3... Can't wait to see how a full colored comic with Background will plays out myself.

4. YES. Po and the gang will be in this comic.

Thanks for reading! Review is welcomed.

Kung fu.. Wait... Legend Of A Rabbit

Wed Mar 18, 2015, 5:19 AM
  • Mood: Zeal
As a fan of Kung fu panda, I would like to bring some spotlight to this particular movie, as of now I wasnt expecting another sequel after the amount of FAIL the first movie managed to give. Don't know what it is? here's a short review.

****  Legend of a Rabbit *****

Check the trailer, on youtube. [link]
I would, from the bottom of my heart simply call it Kung Fu Rabbit and mark it as a rip-off from Kung Fu Panda because of its HUGE similarity to Kung Fu Panda. Also, and also in my personal opinion, an anti KFP film. Now, this I would like to bring a short rant about this film in short sentences. The BAD guy is a panda. This Panda eats meat. WHAT!? The panda is too muscular for a panda. The panda looks more like a bear. They created new species with bad modeling. The action scene take MANY references from other movies, most i recognized from Advent Children. The cat is cute. But the rabbit is too dumb to tell she's a girl. If you think Po is annoying, the rabbit is damn annoying. I can't tell what are they trying to prove. And Bad scripting... *shivers* Baaaaaad scripting. 

Other than that, I respect the culture and mindset of the film as it takes roots from chinese RPG games and novel. Having played some myself, I do enjoy watching some of the skill moves, sword fight they used. END OF RANT.

**** Present ******

Now, in 2015. The movie spawned a sequel. What the f-.. WAIT! HOLD ON! WAIT! I've seen the trailer. I would say, some of the landscape looks VERY familar again from KFP universe. But.... It MIGHT proves promising this time.. There's a lot more effort put on the background, and the rendering looks nicer. Again, the two (yes, there's two now) cats are cute. And the rabbit... looks more acceptable. :nod:

Check it, [link]

This is a good thing.. but the story is still a mystery...


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