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Lonely lampost by Paperheadman

Okay... *cough* first time writing critique. The concept of the art reminds me of the movie "spirited away"... The train tracks on wate...



Rapture Point 6 by Purpleground02
Rapture Point 6

Oh yeaah, Page 6!!

Author's Note:
1. To be up against Po, the dragon warrior AND notably China's Strongest warrior in the Movie, I can't let Ael holding back. And since Ael is my strongest kung fu panda OC created, I've to let my ego runs here. Also, to really show how strong she is, she should not hold back at all. This page show most of her upper body attacks, which involves a combination of elbow, punches and claw slashes. And as strong as she is, she may not be able to receive much of a blow. Thus she preferred to dodge an attack completely rather than blocking it head on. This is so she could win even those who have a higher attack power than her, such as my other KFP OC, Li Wei.

2. While initially I planned to have her start the fight with a series of disorienting leg works followed by a kick, but in the end I decided to save the trump card for later. The floor cracks while she runs, there is a reason for it. =) And if you know what her fighting style is famous for, you know it.

3. Po's enthusiasm with attack name definitely fit this comic more. Or he is comical by default with those name calling. So, "fist of fury" was something I heard, and "Iron Belly" (i assume this is the belly attack that send Tai Lung slamming into houses) is his most powerful attack - Not in destruction, but in rerouting enemy's own momentum against them. 

Comments are welcome.
As the title said. Is there any freelance animator for hire? If there is, whats the price rate?
Animator Rate?

Ahem... just to rephrase the journal as it was rushed at that time. As it said, is there any freelance animator for hire?
Do you know the price rate? 
Do you know how it was charged? By a minute? By frames?
Some insight into this section would be nice.

I am thinking/ planning of future animation project. So, I am scouting for potential helpers if I can't handle it alone. =) 
Rapture Point 5 by Purpleground02
Rapture Point 5
NEXT: >>

Author's Note:
1. Well, aside from the VERY long break on this comic series. I managed to find free time during 3 days holiday to complete this page. So, read and review away!

2. As mentioned, Po and the gang and master Shifu and Whoever concerned that appeared in the movies or tv series will have a chance of appearing here in this series. Some may be cameos as well.

3. The reason that only Tigress and Po arrived at the scene will be mentioned later in the comic. But i will explain here to clear some doubts. The valley is a large area to cover. Thus the group decided to split up. And Po and Tigress happened to be in a tag team. That will enables the gang to cover a larger area within a given time frame. Also, I figured removing the appearance of the other masters will cut down the time, and effort needed to illustrate this page as well. Becuz whether they are here or not, it wont affect the storyline one bit. But in return, i could add more of the by standers. As they play minor parts in the story.

4. I really miss impersonifying Po's playful and goofy attitude since i stopped writing fan fic. Hahaa... darn. :'( ... But i sure as hell going to abuse it in this comic. >:)

5. The next update will be in a mystery again becuz i have to prioritize commission. But i try to shorten the gap.

All in all. Thanks for reading.
[COMMISSION] City Mayhem by Purpleground02
[COMMISSION] City Mayhem
Art commission for ~dragoonx40

Honestly, after digimon season 3 ive stopped watching anything related to digimons. And i am surprised when he showed me these new types of digimon. Cuz they looks really badass. And of course, it means that my encyclopedia of digimon was way off the update. And do you know? Tai and the gang is coming back, all grown up. Well, they better put bigger budget in making the cartoon or its going to dissappoint.

Anyway, first time doing Crazy experiments with inclusion of buildings. Me like it. :)
So, i have watched the movie "inside out". Put me to tears (almost). Its a very interesting take on how our mind works. With the "what if"... well, what if our body is a huge corporation, and those little pulses are human trying to get by everyday. But instead of a complete human look, they go for something a little bit different, cute? Colorful maybe?  It does reminds me of Ozz and Drix.
Anyway, i really enjoyed the movie. Especially how they depicts how the new memories are created, stored, and how they decayed over time, crumbled and disposed... which in the end, vanished. I like how they depicts the monster in our youth, which ultimately came back in our sleep as nightmares. I like the idea of an Imaginary friend which decided to leave for a greater course as the main protagonist is growing up into adulthood. I enjoyed the idea of how old childhood memory became our sadness. Yeah, i thought they are going to be our joyful thoughts forever but personally, after thinking about it. It does feel sad now because I missed those memories. And i do feel sad thinking about how much i've missed them and how much have changed since them. Lastly, i like the idea that, as much as we tried to avoid feeling sad by constantly cheering ourselves and looking positive (which is good actually i am not saying its bad), sometimes a cry on a shoulder could let go of those jumbled up mixed feelings of anger and sadness. And as we grow older, old memories are let go, and new memories are built. And they ended the movie nicely.
As the title said. Is there any freelance animator for hire? If there is, whats the price rate?


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