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August 12, 2012


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Lately, I have been thinking about going back to Animation.. And this time, I want to draw using my own hand, for the first time in years!

So, with much motivation, I took up the recycle papers I managed to collect from the dustbin from my office, and clip them up together to be my sketch papers. The idea is simple, draw them up in paper and scan them into computer, from there I will re-draw the line using the mouse.

Without a proper animation background, it proves really really difficult to maintain where the actions and movements are going. Though I have faith in my skill to portray movements. Still, the results proves devastating. The movements are incorrect and I don't even sure what am I suppose to draw for that particular view.

And whats more, after giving up after a few pages of 'animating' and lots of paper shuffles. I stopped, took a breath and draw the characters which I am very fond of, Zhan. And suprisingly, I can't draw even draw his face properly...

Of course after that i did a few more art test to be sure. This kinda make me sad. As I realize after years of perfecting my skills using the mouse, I already lost my skills in drawing using a pencil. D: Though I managed to suppress the zik-zak lines caused by the trembling hand.

I always dream of going into animation field, maybe even apply for Dreamwork and fly there for f*ck sake.

Now I am just back to square one. :|
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you do animations ? wow i want to watch them
well, for the hand drawing with normal paper, use a glass support and a light beneath it to see what you have been done in the last frame
and for the pc draws, you really use the mouse? wow, thats awesome , but how do you make curvy lines? its with that tool , you know, that one that you make a line and then, you curve it (i dont know how to explain it i'm spanish)
well, i do my pcl draws with the cheapest tablet from mediamarkt ( a 29.99 euros table)
and a few questions
how old you are?
and can i do a fan art draw from one of your characters?(only for fun)
(if i can , what you prefer pc or pencil?)
Purpleground02 Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol.. that's a lot of questions. But to be frank, thanks for considering a fanart. But you could always draw your own character, that'd be more fun. I stopped testing animation since it sucks and I do draw using mouse, I am using SAI paint tool to do the curves. =)
hahahaha yeah i think that there was more than a few questions
well i have some OC's and even my own universe
i was only asking to do some of your characters for fun and practice other tipe of characters
(I usually do humans)
and i also use paint tool sai for my last draws :D
Motion-in-Poetry Aug 23, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
never give up your dreams :D
I think you should try a Wacom tablet like ~Rainroad said in another comment :D
and yeah an A6 tablet is perfect size for drawling,
the tablet I use is a Wacom Intuous A6 size, and it's great for all my painting and Zbrush 3D work :D
I think it's a lot more easy to draw on a small size, and you can always just zoom in on the picture
and then it's the same as drawing on A1 :D ha ha
Purpleground02 Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:) Thanks. I will think about it. And You really did good in zbrush, :D I am really jealous of you right now!
Motion-in-Poetry Aug 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
ha ha :D thanks :happybounce:
and I really recommend the pen tablet :) it's a great tool :D
Unless you want to be just a storyboard artist, you're probably going to have a better chance if you learn 3D animation/modeling to work for dreamworks.

Disney/pixar might take you in for 2D! or maybe try studio Ghibli? Cartoon Saloon is another cool one. Also look up a few animation studios that work through tv!

If you can afford to right now, you should get a small tablet. I use the Wacom Bamboo Capture, and it works just fine for me. It used to be only 75 bucks but they jacked up the price to 99$! DX
But I'll bet you could find a different brand even cheaper if you do a little research. That way you can practice drawing with a pencil-like apparatus again, without all the paper and need of a scanner.

I think you'd be an excellent animator! especially for tv animated series. Have you ever looked into that?

You really should go for it, it'll be worth it in the end I bet. :)
Purpleground02 Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol.. i wont say i am going to be good at animation just yet. I have made up my mind to just put aside the idea of buying a tablet for the moment (btw, what's the size of your table?). With 100 bucks here I can only get a A6 size... which is 150 x 130 around there... It's... I don't know.. Will I be able to drawing anything at all? I tried it with my sis Samsung Galaxy drawing app. It's a little awkward to draw in a small frame. But who knows, right?

And I have been tinkering with 3D modeling lately. Focusing on the usage of zbrush since I have seen what its capable of. Its a lot of fun working on it, provided that if i won't just give up like that.... I hope to see some results by 2 years time. And then.. who knows, I will try my luck if the results looks okay.
lol well my table... I don't use a table. I sit criss-cross on my bed and put my tablet on my lap. As for my tablet, The drawing space is probably 4x6 inches. I had to get used to it in the beginning, but it didn't take too much time.

Well good luck! I hope you reach your goal someday. :)
Purpleground02 Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LoL did I said table? haha. Typing error. though I am surprised that you didn't use a table on that. I will mostly cramp my back sitting like that for hours.

And thanks. I do hope so too. Won't wanna end up working with something I am not interest in, you know? But that's life anyway. Anyway, hows your working life been? I assume you found a job?
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